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At Centrad, our mission is to fix the US Healthcare system by streamlining access to vital products and services for our nation’s most vulnerable citizens, the frail and elderly. Challenges of providing products & services in an environment of healthcare reform serve only to deepen our resolve to achieve our mission while maintaining our values.

Today, Centrad serves more than 28,000 patients residing in either one of the over 4000 Long Term Care Facilities under contract with the Company or in private homes, across all 50 states. Centrad has emerged as not only the largest provider of specialty medical products in Long Term Care, but also as the leader in addressing complex issues facing the healthcare sector in which we operate.

What We Do

Centrad creates innovative billing solutions that ensure patient access to health benefits for which they have paid; oftentimes over their entire lifetimes. And, we develop end-to-end revenue cycle management systems that ensure correct payers are accurately and timely billed for services and products provided.

Because of continuous process and system re-engineering, Centrad is positioned for growth, leveraging our expertise to take advantage of significant opportunities unfolding in the market place including consolidation driven by National Competitive Bidding, an increasingly complex regulatory environment and product segment expansion potential in our both our existing and expanding customer base.

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Our customers benefit from our broad range of 3rd Party Payer contracts, including our success in being awarded 115 Enteral Therapy contracts by CMS as part of the National Competitive Bid Program, and our unique educational support programs designed to improve patient qualification for benefits and regulatory compliance.