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Announcement: Centrad Healthcare, LLC Achieves National In-Network Provider Status with UnitedHealthcare

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Naperville, IL—I am pleased to announce that, effective May 1, 2014, Centrad has been awarded national in-network provider status with UnitedHealthcare and all of its 374 affiliated plans. This contract represents a significant expansion of our relationship with UnitedHealthcare and positions the Company to enhance our cost avoidance value proposition for all customers.

With the addition of the UnitedHealthcare agreement, Centrad now offers the broadest array of in-network 3rd Party Payer agreements in the industry. Our ability to properly identify 3rd Party beneficiaries coupled with our claims documentation expertise and vast 3rd Party Payer in-network contracts enable Centrad to help our customers avoid millions of $’s of cost, annually. Typically, Centrad captures 25% – 35% more 3rd Party Payer beneficiaries than our leading competitors. Attached is a list of UHC plans included in this exiting and broad reaching new agreement.

This agreement also provides access to UHC’s extensive Medicaid Managed Care plans throughout the US; thus addressing that emerging issue. Effective immediately, Centrad Account and Customer Service Representatives will audit each of our customer patient lists to identify UHC beneficiaries to admit those patients and help customers avoid costs.

Centrad currently provides cost avoidance and compliance programs along with related ancillary products and services to more than 18,000 patients residing in over 3,000 long-term-care facilities located throughout all 50 states. Centrad won 9 enteral therapy contracts in CMS’s Round 1 re-compete competitive bidding program, which went into effect first in January 1, 2011 and then effective January 1, 2014. The company also was awarded 96 contracts in round 2.

If you have any questions please contact Michelle Korslin, Centrad Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing at (800) 478-5070, ext 5106, or, Kim Kirkby at ext 5230.

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