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Announcement: Centrad Launches “Plus Account Service” To Improve Customer Experience

Naperville, IL. Centrad Healthcare is proud to announce “Plus Account Service”, a new Customer Service program introduced to enhance our customers’ experience through improved communications. The program, which has been in development for the past three years, features new facility communications tools, 13 office-based Account Representatives and 29 traditional Account Representatives, all designed to add convenience and accuracy to the order replenishment and 3rd party payer qualification process. Increasing proactive communication with key decision makers in long term care facilities, positions Centrad to better execute on our value propositions of delivering cost avoidance and compliance to our customers.

At Centrad, we believe our purpose is to ensure patients have access to the healthcare benefits for which they have paid; oftentimes over their entire lifetimes. Accurate order replenishment and claims documentation are key ingredients in ensuring that we deliver on this purpose, which also enables our customers to avoid unnecessary cost by making sure products are paid for by each patient’s 3rd party insurance plan rather than by the facility where they reside.

These are challenging times in healthcare as all providers share the responsibility to produce better clinical and financial outcomes. Centrad is proud to have contributed more than $50MM in savings to US Healthcare as a direct result of our participation in CMS’ National Competitive Bidding (NCB) program coupled with our ability to improve efficiencies. Our strategy has always been to build better billing solutions rather than reducing service to our customers; a decision was made early on to evolve the process by developing tools carefully designed to improve collaboration among the facility, the patient, Centrad and the payer.

Focusing on the post-acute healthcare segment, Centrad Healthcare, has become the leading provider of specialty medical products including; enteral therapy, wound care, ostomy, urological, respiratory therapy, and other medical supplies & equipment to Long Term Care. The Company delivers value to its customers by qualifying patients for 3rd party payer reimbursement and, thereby enabling the SNF to avoid unnecessary cost. Today, Centrad serves more than 24,000 patients residing in either one of over 4000 Long Term Care facilities under contract with the Company or in private homes, across all 50 states.

Our commitment to continuous process and system re-engineering, has positioned Centrad to take advantage of significant opportunities unfolding in the market place including; National Competitive Bidding, an increasingly complex regulatory environment and product line expansion in our existing customer base; as well as developing opportunities in adjacent markets such as offering contract billing solutions to other providers.