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Digital Intent – Centrad’s Innovation Partner

DICentrad is proud to partner with Digital Intent (‘DI’) who has joined us as we proceed on our mission to help fix the US Healthcare system. Digital Intent and Centrad’s both embrace a belief that continual process and system reengineering represent vital elements of any successful innovation effort.

DI uses a Lean Startup process, breaking ideas into a series of hypotheses to be validated. They think about the business, not just the code. Working together with them allows us to leverage shorter loops, validated learning, and increased resources only as the business solution proves it’s worth it. Their process limits waste, reduces risk and increases odds of success.

Moreover, they are aware of, and value the importance of our customers’ experience recognizing that meaningful solutions start with the customer and the patients in their care. We believe that working together, Centrad Healthcare and Digital Intent will be a fundamental force in changing the way Long Term Care providers work together to leverage innovative technologies to help fix the US Healthcare System.

“If you’ll let us, we’ll go on the journey with you as your trusted advisor and de facto cofounders. We’ll go on the customer interviews. Design the prototypes. Build the web and mobile apps. Travel to sales meetings. Execute on marketing strategies and Iterate on the product to make it better.”—DIGITAL INTENT