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About Us

Centrad Healthcare, LLC is a distributor of medical products and related services including Enteral Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Wound Care, Ostomy, Urological, Trach and other Specialty Medical Supplies & Equipment to Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers, Group Home and Home Care. The Company is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. (“ACHC”)

To Achieve cost efficiencies and control, all reimbursement, purchasing, inventory management, customer service, sales & marketing, human resources, IT and accounting functions are centralized in the Company’s General Offices located in Naperville, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. Additional cost efficiencies are achieved through the Company’s strategic alliances with select manufacturers and distributors who ship products direct to the end user as directed by Centrad.

A key contributor to the Company’s success is it’s ability to efficiently and accurately bill 3rd party payers including Medicare Part B, Private Indemnity Insurance companies, state Medicaid programs, MCO’s and HMO’s, including Medicare and Medicaid Managed Care Plans, on behalf of customers it serves. Approximately 75% of the Company’s revenue is generated through 3rd party payors.

The Company uses it’s proprietary operating system, SmA/Rt, for all billing, inventory control, and accounts receivable management functions. SmA/Rt creates an advantage for Centrad enabling rapid response to the ever-changing external reimbursement/claims processing environment.

Centrad is strategically-focused on continually improving it’s business model creating operating cost efficiencies which enable Centrad to offer high service levels despite these challenging times of margin compression within the healthcare industry.

The Company currently provides products and services to over 18,000 patients who reside in either one of the over 2,500 Long Term Care Facilities under contract with the Company, or in private homes located throughout 50 states. The Company has 203 associates, 115 who are General Office-based and 88 who are field-based.