Centrad Healthcare

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Mission Statement & Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help fix US Healthcare by streamlining access to vital products & services for our nation’s most vulnerable citizens, the frail and elderly.

What We Do

Centrad creates innovative billing solutions that ensure patient access to health benefits for which they have paid; oftentimes over their entire lifetimes.

And, we develop end-to-end revenue cycle management systems that ensure the correct payers are accurately and timely billed for services and products provided.

Company Values

Growth: We believe continual growth is achieved by learning from our experiences and, that expanding our knowledge helps in conquering ever more challenging tasks and becoming better people – to practice developing creativity, discipline, empathy and grit.

Collaboration: Driven by a desire to succeed, we believe in working together as a team to create successful outcomes for all associates including customers, employees, vendors, payers, investors and patients.

Family: We believe in treating patients, employees, customers and others like family; with dignity, empathy, compassion, respect and love. We earn trust through our actions and hold ourselves accountable for living our values.

Fun: We believe that an enjoyable work experience supports physical, mental & spiritual wellness; fostering creativity, excitement and enthusiasm that enhances quality of life.