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Programs and Services

Enteral Program

  • A comprehensive Enteral Therapy Program that combines high quality products from leading manufacturers with clinical support, industry leading reimbursement expertise and logistics management for all patients requiring enteral nutrition.

Urological, Ostomy, and Wound Care Programs

  • Urological: A clinically oriented Urological Program that focuses on patient comfort and convenience. All products are available on a direct ship basis including catheters, insertion trays, drain bags and leg bags for indwelling catheters and adult diapers for incontinence management.
  • Ostomy: A complete Ostomy Program that allows our healthcare professionals to assist in the development of patient specific customized protocols focused on patient comfort, clinical effectiveness, and reimbursement guidelines. All leading manufacturers are available through Centrad’s direct-to-customer distribution program.
  • Wound Care: Our Wound Care Program has been developed to provide quality care while achieving sound clinical and financial outcomes. Centrad’s team of healthcare professionals includes Certified Wound Care Clinicians, Registered Nurses, and Registered Dieticians; all supported by our reimbursement and customer service specialists.

Respiratory Therapy Program

  • A sophisticated Respiratory Therapy Program that provides high quality respiratory equipment and related supplies from leading manufacturers along with oxygen delivery, clinical support, therapy consultation, and reimbursement expertise.

Reimbursement Services

  • An extensive program that involves reimbursement professionals who have over 50 years of combined experience in billing Medicare Part B and other third party payor sources. The reimbursement program features data collection, personalized customer service, billing/claims submission, collection activities and regulatory compliance.