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Reimbursement Services

Centrad Healthcare’s reimbursement team has over 50 years of combined experience billing Medicare Part B and other third party payors. Centrad’s reimbursement program includes the following:

Data Collection – Centrad confirms that all medical necessity, coverage criteria, and documentation requirements are met at the time of patient intake. We obtain all required data to bill the appropriate payor sources.

Customer Service – Our Customer Service Team calculates and ships product based on physician orders. Centrad also manages and controls inventory levels to assure product needs are always met.

Billing/Claim Submission – Claims are submitted electronically to the appropriate payor source once all required documentation is on file. Centrad will accept assignment for beneficiaries who meet medical necessity and coverage criteria requirements and bill Medicare Part B and other payers for reimbursement.

Collections – Centrad monitors and tracks accounts receivable to ensure timely follow-up and collection of all billed claims.

Regulatory Compliance – Centrad’s reimbursement team monitors all regulatory changes to ensure full compliance with all rules and regulations governing our business.