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Respiratory Therapy Program

Centrad Healthcare’s Respiratory Products and Services Program

Centrad has developed a national program that provides high-quality respiratory supplies, respiratory-related Durable Medical Equipment (DME), oxygen delivery, clinical support, and billing expertise. Centrad offers extensive equipment maintenance on its own equipment, a preventative maintenance program for Facility-owned equipment, and reliable distribution.

Centrad has the ability and expertise to custom-design a Respiratory Therapy Program to meet your Facility’s needs including cost management, regulatory compliance, logistics management, and clinical consulting.

Oxygen Supplies and Equipment

Centrad offers a broad array of respiratory-related supplies and Durable Medical Equipment (DME). Centrad uses a team of certified respiratory therapists (CRT’s) and registered nurses (RN’s) to evaluate and test the products that are available in the market. The end result is a full-range of products from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. The most common RT DME products are listed below (additional oxygen equipment is available upon the Customer’s request):

  • Oxygen Concentrators
    Liquid Oxygen Systems (Reservoirs and Portable Units)
    Treatment Nebulizers
    Suction Machines
    Air Compressors
    Pulse Oximeters
    CPAP Machines
    BiPAP Machines
    IPPB Machines
    Oxygen Analyzers
    Cylinder Equipment (Regulators, Carts, Wheelchair Holders)

Additionally, respiratory-related supplies and equipment utilization data are reviewed with your facility on a quarterly basis to ensure appropriate product quantities are maintained at your facility. To help your facility provide oxygen related care in emergency situations, “back-up” respiratory therapy equipment is provided at no charge.

Clinical Support

Before implementation at your Facility, Centrad’s respiratory specialists will consult with your staff to complete clinical reviews of RT policies and procedures, ensuring appropriate products are procured in the quantities required. Upon program implementation, product performance and inventory levels are monitored continuously.

Centrad Accessibility

Centrad specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide local service and emergency support when required. Service and delivery are key components of our Respiratory Products and Services program. Additionally, Centrad can provide RT clinical consulting through our Respiratory Therapist Registry, all at competitive rates. By visiting our website, www.centradhealthcare.com, you can order products, view Centrad’s RT therapist network, or learn about other Centrad Healthcare programs at your convenience — day or night!

Reimbursement Expertise

Product utilization is tracked, billed, and reported by patient and facility usage. To ensure data collection is accurately recorded and billed, a computerized tracking and billing program is utilized to provide your facility with invoices that are resident-specific, itemized by product/charge and payor source defined to meet all of your billing requirements.

Respiratory Cost Management

Centrad’s cost management program begins with consultation from one of our trained professionals to give you the information required to make informed decisions when selecting oxygen-related products and services. This RT program groups product and service options into an “a la carte” menu, helping your facility choose the programs which best meet your needs and objectives.